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Industrial Tools

1/2" Sq. Air Impact Wrench Maximum torque:1085Nm. Free speed:7300rpm The impact mechanism has high speed and high torque, which is suitable for high-efficiency applications and pre-locking applications. Lightweight handle, plastic steel handle, the whole machine is lighter, which increases comfort and reduces fatigue. Patent switching mechanism, one-handed fingers can control left and right forward and reverse rotation, and can also control the dial speed adjustment. High performance and durable, able to function even in harsh environments Comfortable handle material, which is conducive to the long-term work of the assembly line. Twin Hammer double ring impact . Origin:Taiwan KEMP impact wrenches are used in a wide range of applications, covering various industrial fields such as automobile assembly, heavy equipment assembly and repair, machine tool production and major construction projects. For more information, please go to KEMP official website or contact KEMP  
Torque Monitoring Electric Screwdriver Making the Screwdriver Smart_ Apply to ETS Controllers unit Used in electronic precision product assembly lines, intelligent control enhance product yield. Torque;Free speed:200~1000rpm Patented Transducer Technology:High precision torque sensing mechanism with high sensitivity and durability. Coreless Brushless Motor:With low inertia characteristic, the motor performs with stability and precision at both high and low speed range. High Strength Clutch Mechanism:A proven design tested over 2 million fastening cycles at maximum torque. Hall Effect Switch High Strength Spring LED Lights & Buzzer - Built-in signal lights with three colors to inform the user about the status of each fastening cycle. Origin:Taiwan ETS screwdrivers work in combination with control units together. Their built-in transducer continuously reads torque and position of the screw and sends the gathered data to the controller for analysis. KEMP ETS Ser. provide immediate feedback on each tightening process, be able to check at a glance whether the part is correctly tightened or not.  
Custom-Made Air Oil Pulse Tools Torque Range:25~35Nm. Free speed:2100rpm Socket Size:8, 10, 11, 12 , 13 Automatic pressure relief mechanism greatly improves stability and smoothness. Piston return oil return valve device solves the error and achieves more accurate torque. X-shaped sealing ring, the sealing effect is more optimized, and it can be used for a longer time. Specially coated blades - with self-lubrication, reducing parts loss caused by friction. Adjustable torque, it is more convenient to adjust according to different work requirements. Origin:Taiwan Each type of wrench needs to select the required size of the socket across the edge. KEMP closed tongue wrench is suitable for special working positions with narrow space and can reach application positions that are difficult to reach with general tools. Using the design advantages of its tool angle, the locking work and operating force can be properly and properly performed Equipped with hydraulic pulse mechanism, the reaction force is greatly reduced, and the work efficiency of the operator is improved more smoothly. For more information, please go to KEMP official website or contact KEMP  
90 Degree Angle Head Air Drill Horsepower:0.5hp Free speed:3200rpm Maximum drilling capacity:5.5mm High-efficiency motors upgrade tool specifications High-grade ball bearings provide good deflection accuracy and life of the head High-precision and high-efficiency motors, industrial-grade high-strength blades Progressive air intake trigger switch, which can flexibly control the speed Rubber grip for a comfortable and stable grip Drill chuck installation size:1/4"-28T (F) Origin:Taiwan KEMP's right-angle pneumatic drills are designed for high-specification operating conditions, from aerospace, oil fields, refineries, and engineering and material removal can be used as required. Compact right-angle, suitable for working in narrow spaces, the reinforced head section is more durable. 6 speed ranges can meet various material requirements. For more information, please go to KEMP official website or contact KEMP  
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Industrial Tools

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Are you looking for the right tools to get the job done correctly? Look our Industrial Tools.

KEMP offer a wide variety of tools to customers from 3C products production to heavy duty machinery manufacture. Portable power tools means hand-held, have obvious advantages in mobility. Stationary power tools often have advantages in speed and precision. That are used in industry for purposes of driving (fasteners), drilling, cutting, sanding, grinding, routing, polishing and more.

We have an extensive range of Industrial Tools and equipment suitable for industrial use, include Industrial Pneumatic Tools, Pneumatic Bolt Tightening Tools, Material Removal Tools, Abrasives Power Tools, Nut Bolt Tightening Tools, Transducer Screwdriver, Electric Assembly Tools, Aircraft Pneumatic Tools, Electric Torque Screwdriver, Aerospace Tools And Fasteners, Fastening Tools and Construction Power Tools.

We are the market leader in the industrial machinery and Sea land air transportation, provide a decisive competitive edge to meet customer demands. Whether you need to use in heavy duty project or precision, we are the most reliable Industrial Tools manufacturers. We supply at highly competitive prices, and dedicated to serving all customers. If you want to know more, please contact us.